Since it was launched way back in 1990, NewsWatch TV has come a long way hen it comes to informing as many people as possible with the news and Information they need, When it started out, it was a monthly business news program seen in very few households. However, over the years, it has expanded to weekly and through its presence on such large outlets as Discovery and ION Television, as well as dozens of broadcast stations all over the country, it is now available to nearly 100 million households in about 200 markets. What that means is, most of the country has greater access to news about the government, as well as the healthcare industry and the medical industry in general, as well as entertainment and consumer electronics. They even have segments informing people about new smartphone apps.

It is perhaps NewsWatch TV’s unusual news and entertainment magazine-style format that makes it possible for the show’s host and reporters to cover so many topics in a relatively short time. That said, they cover a lot more than most other programs, in part because they feature public service news items that many don’t bother with. Their decision to do so is based on their belief that there are some things everyone needs to know and understand in their daily lives and not everything qualifies as straight news.

Based on the reviews of the program, many feel that NewsWatch TV is among the finest national news programs in the country. Whether it is the growing popularity of its host, Andrew Tropeano or the rapid-fire way they cover stories, somehow, the audience continues to grow year over year.