Over the many years since the program debuted as a monthly business news show, way back in 1990, a lot has changed for NewsWatch TV. For example, whereas the show was only available in a few markets, now it can largely be seen everywhere. Of course, it airs every week on the very popular cable networks AMC and ION Television, but NewsWatchTV also appears on broadcast TV, via at least 60 full-power channels serving more than 200 markets, including all of the top 20. NewsWatch TV is actually available to nearly 100 million households, which means almost anyone can watch it if they want.

And a lot of people apparently want to watch it. A glance at the reviews of NewsWatch TV tend to be excellent. Not only is NewsWatch TV is among the most talked-about weekly television news programs anywhere, but most who bother to talk about it seem to love it. These viewers heap a lot of praise on the show for its coverage of a wide variety of topics in an informative and educational way.